What Size Hard Drive Does My HP Laptop Support?

hp laptpIn the event that you claim a to some degree more established tablet and are hoping to update its stockpiling, it can be elusive out what drive limit your portable PC will bolster. Your portable workstation producer may give just a couple of alternatives to overhauling your hard drive, while you can discover bigger tablet hard drives on the web. On the off chance that you call your maker, they may just have the capacity to disclose to you what hard drive limits are accessible specifically from them.

In the event that your portable workstation is genuinely new, say, obtained inside the most recent couple of years, then there’s a reasonable shot that it is utilizing a SATA (Serial-ATA) interface for the drive and that it doesn’t have the size confinements forced by more established interfaces. Yet, in the event that you’re similar to me and you have a portable workstation that is a couple of years old and need a higher stockpiling limit, then there’s a not really evident approach to discover what your tablet will bolster.

HP Support in case you’re on windows XP, you can go to the control board and double tap the System symbol. Now, there ought to be a rundown of tabs at the top. You’ll need to explore to the Hardware tab, and after that tap on the Device Manager catch. Now, what you’re searching for is something many refer to as an IDE controller. On the off chance that you can’t discover one of these yet see a Serial ATA Storage Controller, then your tablet utilizes Serial ATA and thusly can bolster any hard drive estimate accessible today. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you discover an IDE controller, you should grow that alternative and right-tap on the Primary IDE Channel, then select properties. At that point you’ll need to explore to the Advanced Settings tab, Take note of any fields named “Current Transfer Mode”. In the event that one of those says Ultra DMA Mode 5, then your portable PC bolsters the same hard drive limits that are accessible to Serial ATA, be that as it may on the off chance that it is Ultra DMA Mode 4 or lower, then your tablet won’t bolster a drive bigger than 127 gigabytes.

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